Accessibility Statement

ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT This accessibility statement covers the website for the space booking service of the City of Helsinki at the address The service is governed by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services, which requires that online public services must be accessible. OBJECTIVE OF THE CITY Helsinki’s aim is to achieve web content accessibility at the level of AA or above (as specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG), whenever this is reasonably possible. DIGITAL SERVICE ACCESSIBILITY STATUS This website meets the critical accessibility requirements at the WCAG 2.1 level AA, subject to the following deficiencies. INACCESSIBLE CONTENT The content specified below does not yet meet all the accessibility requirements set by legislation. Observed deficiencies The website does not meet all the requirements at the moment: • The description of the language menu for the screen reader is just an abbreviation of the language, for example, FI (WCAG 2.1: 2.4.4 Link Purpose (in context), 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value) • Same ID in the language menu (WCAG 2.1: 4.1.1 Parsing) • Same ID for stylistic elements (WCAG 2.1: 4.1.1 Parsing) Correcting the defects The observed deficiencies will be corrected by updating the service’s user interface components by 30.6.2024. Access to inaccessible information Due to the aforementioned shortcomings, inaccessible content may be requested from the website administration. PREPARING THE ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT This statement was prepared on 9.6.2023. Accessibility evaluation The accessibility assessment is based the instructions and methods of the City of Helsinki, which aim to ensure the accessibility of the website at all stages. Accessibility was verified through an external expert audit and a self-assessment. The accessibility assessment comprised a software-based accessibility check and a manual analysis of the website content. The shortcomings reported by the assessment tools have been checked and, if necessary, corrected. Unicus Oy carried out the external expert audit. Updating the accessibility statement The city ensures the accessibility of its website through continuous monitoring when the technical solutions and content are updated and through periodic audits. This statement will be updated in connection with website changes and accessibility re-assessments. FEEDBACK AND CONTACT INFORMATION Office responsible for the website accessibility: City Executive Office P.O. Box 1 00099 City of Helsinki, Finland Reporting inaccessible content If a user observes that the accessibility requirements are not met, this can be reported via e-mail to or using the feedback form at Requesting information in an accessible format If the user feels the content of the website is inaccessible to them, they can request the information via e-mail from or use the feedback form at We will try to respond to you within a reasonable period of time. LEGAL PROTECTION AND EXECUTION PROCEEDINGS If a person feels that their report or inquiry has not been answered or if they are not satisfied with the answer, the matter can be reported to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland contains detailed instructions for the procedure. Contact details for the supervisory authority Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland Accessibility Supervision Unit (in Finnish) Telephone switchboard: 0295 016 000 Open: Mon–Fri 8:00 a.m.–4:15 p.m. CITY OF HELSINKI AND ACCESSIBILITY The City of Helsinki strives to be an accessible city for everyone. The goal of the City of Helsinki is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the city to move and function, and to make all content and services accessible to everyone. The city promotes the accessibility of its digital services by harmonising publishing processes and arranging accessibility training for the city’s personnel. The level of accessibility for each website is assessed continuously, as part of website administration. Any deficiencies discovered are addressed immediately. The aim is to implement the required changes as soon as possible. Disabled website user and users of assistive technology The city offers advice and support to disabled website users and the users of assistive technologies. The support is available on the information pages indicated on the city’s website and via telephone. APPROVAL OF THE ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT This statement was approved on 20.6.2023 City Executive Office City of Helsinki